Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Weekender

My Weekender, originally uploaded by myittybittyquilts.

My favorite sister came up for the weekend a few weeks ago and she, my mom and I worked on the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. I had heard scary things about the pattern and so we thought we'd work on it together and then if we got frustrated, we could ask for help and most importantly, the bag wouldn't be tossed into the UFO pile :) Sister and Mom are both excellent seamstresses and we had a ball working on this.
Well, for the most part. It was just plain HARD to sew around and through all the layers of fabric and interfacing at times. I was pretty thrilled with the results, though.
Fabric is a birthday gift from said sister and it's Ikea home dec.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rocket Rascals Baby Quilt

Rocket Baby Quilt, originally uploaded by myittybittyquilts.

This was the other project that I worked on during our 'sewing weekend'. It's for a young mom in our church having her second baby and first little boy.
I used mostly quilt shop quality fabrics with a few JoAnn stuff thrown in. I have to tell you that I think the quilt shop fabrics are worth the price. They are just better all around. In feel, in the way they sew and I KNOW in the way they hold up. Not that there aren't decent fabrics at JoAnns, but you do have to pay attention and their good fabric is the same price as you LQS, anyway :)

Have you checked out this blog?

RecessTablerunner, originally uploaded by myittybittyquilts.

I just love it! Seriously cute (and easy!) projects using different pre-cut moda stuff. This table runner is one of the projects. Isn't it fun? So quick to put together.
I made it while at my aunt's house for a sewing get-together. There were about 8 of us and we sewed and talked and ate. I didn't have the pattern with me when I made it so, without even knowing it, I changed up the placement of it a bit. The picture was taken before I washed it, so now it looks even crinkly-er and better, in my opinion :)