Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yet another Doll Quilt

Summer Doll Quilt Swap, originally uploaded by myittybittyquilts.

This one is headed to my sister. I've wanted to do a doll quilt swap with her for a while (selfishly, 'cause she's really good!) but it just hasn't worked out until this time.
This is the third time I've done a project with the Recess fabric line and I still haven't tired of it! I love the bright primary colors.
Hope you like it, Joy!

Heather and Denyse Score!

Ok, so, yesterday I went on a little shop hop with my mom and 3 of her sisters. We've been visiting a quilt shop a month in western Michigan and having a ball doing it!
We visited the shop on the hop and I got some more Wonderland and a little Sweet, had a nice lunch at a little cafe that actually had a Blue Plate Special! I couldn't help but order and it was delicious :) Then someone had heard of a shop that had just opened that COULD be on our way home. We thought we'd make the time ;)
The new shop wasn't very well stocked yet and I browsed the books and patterns for a while, but then I got to the back where the fabric was and lo, and behold, sitting on a shelf all by it's lonely self was Heather Ross mushrooms on white! Yeah, I finished off the bolt. Then I started poking through her FQ's and found a few more treasures, all for $2.25 a piece. SCORE!

Monday, July 20, 2009

DQS7 Inspiration

DQS7 Inspiration, originally uploaded by myittybittyquilts.

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I'm pretty excited to join the oh-so-inspiring Doll Quilt Swap! They are on round 7 and I've been drooling over the creations since it started. I came up with this mosaic to give my partner some inspiration. I realized a few things while I was doing this. I seem to like simplicity in quilts and my tastes are fairly eclectic. I love traditional. I love modern. Iove bright colors. I love browns, grays and oranges. I hope this helps a little!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Doll Quilt!

I've been waiting for a chance to use the adorable whirlygiggle pattern that's floating around bloggy land and here it is! My swap partner at Sewingmamas wanted this for her daughter whose favorite colors are pink and purple. I had plenty of pink, but couldn't imagine that I had near enough purple, but lo and behold, I had plenty thanks to the purple and green quilt I made for a friend this past year. Yay!

Here are some great examples of whirlygiggles on flickr! Enjoy!