Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Nine-Patch A Day!

I'm so stoked to join this one a day quilt a long at crazymomquilts! It was inspired by a quilt that Amanda Jean had seen on Flickr. I, also, had this quilt marked as a favorite, on my to-do someday list. You know how that goes :)

Anyway, crazymomquilts is one of my top two favorite blogs. I LOVE what she does and want to go and directly copy her. (I usually don't, though) She mentions that swim notes (the creator of the inspiration quilt) is her quilting hero, well Amanda Jean is mine! It's just a quilty love fest all around and I'll be admiring here from the fringes :)

Oh, most importantly, I have two blocks already done!


amandajean said...

i'm glad that you joined in! good for you for having 2 blocks done already. and...you are funny. :) thanks for your kind words.

Zonnah said...

lol, I am doing this one as well. Although, Iam a little behind :)