Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heather and Denyse Score!

Ok, so, yesterday I went on a little shop hop with my mom and 3 of her sisters. We've been visiting a quilt shop a month in western Michigan and having a ball doing it!
We visited the shop on the hop and I got some more Wonderland and a little Sweet, had a nice lunch at a little cafe that actually had a Blue Plate Special! I couldn't help but order and it was delicious :) Then someone had heard of a shop that had just opened that COULD be on our way home. We thought we'd make the time ;)
The new shop wasn't very well stocked yet and I browsed the books and patterns for a while, but then I got to the back where the fabric was and lo, and behold, sitting on a shelf all by it's lonely self was Heather Ross mushrooms on white! Yeah, I finished off the bolt. Then I started poking through her FQ's and found a few more treasures, all for $2.25 a piece. SCORE!


Jude said...

i love that you talk quilt finds like i do about scrapbook ones... shops, side by side... with Mike's cafe in the middle... beth would never have to cook again

think about it... ;)

Robin said...

wow!!! so lucky...I *love* the mushroom cute!

Kelli said...

Talk about a dream come true, Jude!

Jenny said...

what a fabulous score! care to swap for any of it?? :)