Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Christmas Party!??

Yep, one more to go. This one is actually a re-schedule from mid-December. We were hit with a snow storm and had to cancel our 3rd Annual quilting group get-together. There was NO WAY we could squeeze it into December, so January it is!

We each had a challenge to use a specific FQ, in this case it's the holly berry, and make a gift for someone. You can use as little or as much of the fabric as we choose. (One year, I used just 1 sq. inch! )

Here is my gift this year. A hot pad, a tea towel and a White Chocolate Scone Mix in a fabric bag. I sure hope one of my quilting friends loves it!


Vicki said...

it's adorable!

Jan said...

How could they not. It's great.

Leslie said...

they have to love it...what a great gift idea

Pat said...

Kelli, Your basket of items is so adorable. Such a nice idea. The fabric is very pretty. You do nice work, Kelli.