Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I wish I could share

with all of you all the lovely quilt pictures I have from the AQS show in Paducah, KY. There were some absolutely jaw-dropping quilts! Alas, they are not mine to share. You'll just have to make the trip sometime :) We did notice a huge trend toward the art quilting and extremely detailed machine quilting. There were actually very few traditionally pieced quilts.

A little disappointment in the vendors at the quilt show. The fabric vendors were heavily leaning toward the Civil War type fabrics, which are lovely, but I just don't work much with them. I saw NONE of the new lines of fabric, surprisingly enough. I did have a blast at Hancocks of Paducah. In their back room, it's a fabric frenzy with flat folds at $3.96 a yd. Fun, fun, fun. Most of the ladies I was travelling with didn't like the crowd in there, but I had a blast!

Not a lot of actual quilting going on here. I just finished up the costumes for Suessical and that took a bunch of time. I'm glad to be able to cross that off the list and get back to some fun projects :)

I did sew up this tote for a door prize for our Ladies Spring Fling. (Fabrics ala the craziness at HOP)

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