Thursday, March 4, 2010

A pair of doll quilts

First up is my doll quilt for DQS8. Based on my larger sized MerryGoRound quilt. I used a 1 1/4" strips this time. The trickiest part of this was definitely the binding. I *almost* cut the edges off straight so I wouldn't have to mess with all those corners, but I just knew I wanted to show off the hexagon shape, so I went ahead and did the hard thing :) As it turns out, it's my least favorite part of the little quilt, but at this point, I'm not re-doing it!

Next is the doll quilt for my Sewingmamas partner. It was really a winter themed doll quilt swap, but I just loved the color scheme of my first mini, so I stuck with that. Besides, my partner mentioned that her daughters play room was decorated in these colors. I was completely inspried by Oh, Fransson's baby sized quilt. Ack,my colors are kind of washed out. Oh well, it's already packaged up!


Leslie said...

these are stunning!

Vicki said...

your hex quilt is great! Is there a tutorial for that somewhere out there?? :)