Saturday, March 27, 2010

My 1 year12quilts month! Woohoo!

This quilt was my inspiration. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. A huge thumbs up to this quilting bee and especially to ritapizza for her fantastic finish!

I also happened to have a few layer cakes of Tula Pink's Neptune line hanging around just waiting to be used and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. I'm sending each participant 7 layer cake pieces along with a 2 1/4" strip WOF.

I spent some time on Flickr looking for quilt blocks reminiscent of the sea and found quite a few. Snail's Trail looks a lot like waves to me. Marinier's Compass, Storm at Sea, Geese in the Pond. I could go on and on.

Just look at this gorgeous Storm at Sea by quiltedoma...

In a nutshell, my "guidelines" are:

1. Be inspired by the sea.

2. Use the Neptune fabric only (if you must add one fabric to make your vision complete, use a solid-ish white)

3. 12 1/2" Pieced blocks- no applique this time

4. One or two blocks, whatever works :)

5. Know right now that I will probably be thrilled with your idea and execution, so relax and have fun!!!!

I really can't wait to see what the group comes up with!


Leslie said...

this inspiration quilt is stunning. neptune is going to make you a gorgeous quilt

Elizabeth said...

That quilt is amazing no wonder you were inspired!

Pat said...

Kelli, Your quilt's are beautiful. Love seeing your work. Happy Easter, my dear friend.