Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Quilting Bee Blocks For February

Rene had a great concept this month. Improv crosses, red on white. I was excited to start, but I was stumped for so long on what I wanted to do. The day I SHOULD have had the blocks in the mail, I sat down with my trusty graph paper and sketched out some ideas. As soon as I put pencil to paper, I began to trust the whole process. I suppose the whole idea of improv is to just start sewing, but that worries me a little :) I felt better when I could see where I was going.


Luv 2 Kreate said...

The blocks are fabulous...can't wait to add them to my quilt. Well worth the wait!

Dolly said...

It was well worth the time spent.......anyone would be proud of these blocks in their quilt.